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Some people seem to think that that the maintenance of fascias and soffits are not needed. they are wrong! A sturdy set of fascias and soffits can aid in the lengthening of maintenance intervals of many other parts of your property, saving you money in the long term.

The main function of fascias and soffits are to prevent moisture damage to the roof and also the house they are supported on. They also allow ventilation to the attic space, whilst stopping moisture build up, that can lead to more costly problems

Have your fascias and soffits seen better days?

Rolls Roofing offer the installation of vinyl fascias and soffits that work far better than wooden ones, as they are not porous and they do not crack and allow moisture into the roof joints. The soffits and fascias we install, not only add to the look of a home, adding a smooth and even appearance, but are maintenance free and are not as costly as you would expect, given the amount of time they will last.

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